Deuteronomy 20:10
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10  When you approach a town to attack it, you shall offer it terms of peace.

kee tik-RAV el EER l’-hi-la-KHAYM a-LE-ha v’-ka-RA-ta ay-LE-ha l’-sha-LOM

י  כִּי־תִקְרַב אֶל־עִיר לְהִלָּחֵם עָלֶיהָ וְקָרָאתָ אֵלֶיהָ לְשָׁלוֹם׃

 20:10   You shall offer it terms of peace

Before going to war, the Children of Israel are required to first offer their enemies the opportunity to make peace. According to some commentators, this applies even to the nations living in the parts of the Land of Israel promised to B’nei Yisrael. The land was given to the People of Israel as an inheritance, but first and foremost they must try to live there in peace with their neighbors. The State of Israel has taken the quest for peace very seriously. It has even returned land captured in a defensive war, and offered to return more, in exchange for peace with its neighbors.

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  • Despite what seems to be hard laws and rules by which to live, Hashem shows again and again his willingness to understand and make allowances for the B'nei Yisrael. He sets such a high standard for B'nei Yisrael to live by. But he will be there before and during the battles Yisrael go into, he wants his laws set in their hearts, on their doorposts [like the blood of the lamb at the Passover] never to be forgotten, always to be central to their lives. Indeed their lives revolved around these events.
    Yes Gerard, Israel wants to be at peace and feel secure, but I suspect there are still battles, and not neccessarily those with weapons of distruction, which Israel needs to overcome. Just as in the days of Moses and beyond, the winning of a battle brought peace. We have just watched the OLympic Games and seen the athletes test themselves against each other in many different sports and venues. I don't think winning should be a gift, it needs to be earned and maybe Hashem feels that way. B'nei Yisrael had to fight numerous battles before they won the right to settle in the land Hashem gave them. Hashem didn't make it easy for them in any way other than he was going to be with them. Their faith in him was sufficient, when they were all of one mind they fought better! There will be peace, Hashem will bring it for all Israel.

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Deuteronomy 20:10

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