Proverbs 17
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Listen to this chapter in Hebrew:

1  Better a dry crust with peace Than a house full of feasting with strife.

א  טוֹב פַּת חֲרֵבָה וְשַׁלְוָה־בָהּ מִבַּיִת מָלֵא זִבְחֵי־רִיב׃

2  A capable servant will dominate an incompetent son And share the inheritance with the brothers.

ב  עֶבֶד־מַשְׂכִּיל יִמְשֹׁל בְּבֵן מֵבִישׁ וּבְתוֹךְ אַחִים יַחֲלֹק נַחֲלָה׃

3  For silver—the crucible; For gold—the furnace, And Hashem tests the mind.

ג  מַצְרֵף לַכֶּסֶף וְכוּר לַזָּהָב וּבֹחֵן לִבּוֹת יְהֹוָה׃

4  An evildoer listens to mischievous talk; A liar gives ear to malicious words.

ד  מֵרַע מַקְשִׁיב עַל־שְׂפַת־אָוֶן שֶׁקֶר מֵזִין עַל־לְשׁוֹן הַוּׂת׃

5  He who mocks the poor affronts his Maker; He who rejoices over another’s misfortune will not go unpunished.

ה  לֹעֵג לָרָשׁ חֵרֵף עֹשֵׂהוּ שָׂמֵחַ לְאֵיד לֹא יִנָּקֶה׃

6  Grandchildren are the crown of their elders, And the glory of children is their parents.

a-TE-ret z’-kay-NEEM b’-NAY va-NEEM v’-tif-E-ret ba-NEEM a-vo-TAM

ו  עֲטֶרֶת זְקֵנִים בְּנֵי בָנִים וְתִפְאֶרֶת בָּנִים אֲבוֹתָם׃

17:6   Children’s children are the crown of old men

This verse extols the blessing of grandchildren, much like the verse in Psalms 128:6. In Psalms, however, the blessing of grandchildren is couched between references to the well-being of Jerusalem and Israel: “see thou the good of Jerusalem all the days of thy life” (verse 5), and “peace be upon Israel” (verse 6). What is the connection between children’s children and the welfare of Israel and Jerusalem? It has been suggested that verse 5 is meant to be understood as a command rather than a promise: see the good of Jerusalem. We must emphasize and talk about what is special and unique about the Land of Israel instead of focusing on the negative. If that is how we relate to land, and that is what we convey and pass down to our children and grandchildren, then there is a hope for a future when peace will be upon Israel.1 comment

7  Lofty words are not fitting for a villain; Much less lying words for a great man.

ז  לֹא־נָאוָה לְנָבָל שְׂפַת־יֶתֶר אַף כִּי־לְנָדִיב שְׂפַת־שָׁקֶר׃

8  A bribe seems like a charm to him who uses it; He succeeds at every turn.

ח  אֶבֶן־חֵן הַשֹּׁחַד בְּעֵינֵי בְעָלָיו אֶל־כָּל־אֲשֶׁר יִפְנֶה יַשְׂכִּיל׃

9  He who seeks love overlooks faults, But he who harps on a matter alienates his friend.

ט  מְכַסֶּה־פֶּשַׁע מְבַקֵּשׁ אַהֲבָה וְשֹׁנֶה בְדָבָר מַפְרִיד אַלּוּף׃

10  A rebuke works on an intelligent man More than one hundred blows on a fool.

י  תֵּחַת גְּעָרָה בְמֵבִין מֵהַכּוֹת כְּסִיל מֵאָה׃

11  An evil man seeks only to rebel; A ruthless messenger will be sent against him.

יא  אַךְ־מְרִי יְבַקֶּשׁ־רָע וּמַלְאָךְ אַכְזָרִי יְשֻׁלַּח־בּוֹ׃

12  Sooner meet a bereaved she-bear Than a fool with his nonsense.

יב  פָּגוֹשׁ דֹּב שַׁכּוּל בְּאִישׁ וְאַל־כְּסִיל בְּאִוַּלְתּוֹ׃

13  Evil will never depart from the house Of him who repays good with evil.

יג  מֵשִׁיב רָעָה תַּחַת טוֹבָה לֹא־תמיש [תָמוּשׁ] רָעָה מִבֵּיתוֹ׃

14  To start a quarrel is to open a sluice; Before a dispute flares up, drop it.

יד  פּוֹטֵר מַיִם רֵאשִׁית מָדוֹן וְלִפְנֵי הִתְגַּלַּע הָרִיב נְטוֹשׁ׃

15  To acquit the guilty and convict the innocent— Both are an abomination to Hashem.

טו  מַצְדִּיק רָשָׁע וּמַרְשִׁיעַ צַדִּיק תּוֹעֲבַת יְהֹוָה גַּם־שְׁנֵיהֶם׃

16  What good is money in the hand of a fool To purchase wisdom, when he has no mind?

טז  לָמָּה־זֶּה מְחִיר בְּיַד־כְּסִיל לִקְנוֹת חָכְמָה וְלֶב־אָיִן׃

17  A friend is devoted at all times; A brother is born to share adversity.

יז  בְּכָל־עֵת אֹהֵב הָרֵעַ וְאָח לְצָרָה יִוָּלֵד׃

18  Devoid of sense is he who gives his hand To stand surety for his fellow.

יח  אָדָם חֲסַר־לֵב תּוֹקֵעַ כָּף עֹרֵב עֲרֻבָּה לִפְנֵי רֵעֵהוּ׃

19  He who loves transgression loves strife; He who builds a high threshold invites broken bones.

יט  אֹהֵב פֶּשַׁע אֹהֵב מַצָּה מַגְבִּיהַּ פִּתְחוֹ מְבַקֶּשׁ־שָׁבֶר׃

20  Man of crooked mind comes to no good, And he who speaks duplicity falls into trouble.

כ  עִקֶּשׁ־לֵב לֹא יִמְצָא־טוֹב וְנֶהְפָּךְ בִּלְשׁוֹנוֹ יִפּוֹל בְּרָעָה׃

21  One begets a dullard to one’s own grief; The father of a villain has no joy.

כא  יֹלֵד כְּסִיל לְתוּגָה לוֹ וְלֹא־יִשְׂמַח אֲבִי נָבָל׃

22  A joyful heart makes for good health; Despondency dries up the bones.

כב  לֵב שָׂמֵחַ יֵיטִב גֵּהָה וְרוּחַ נְכֵאָה תְּיַבֶּשׁ־גָּרֶם׃

23  The wicked man draws a bribe out of his bosom To pervert the course of justice.

כג  שֹׁחַד מֵחֵיק רָשָׁע יִקָּח לְהַטּוֹת אָרְחוֹת מִשְׁפָּט׃

24  Wisdom lies before the intelligent man; The eyes of the dullard range to the ends of the earth.

כד  אֶת־פְּנֵי מֵבִין חָכְמָה וְעֵינֵי כְסִיל בִּקְצֵה־אָרֶץ׃

25  A stupid son is vexation for his father And a heartache for the woman who bore him.

כה  כַּעַס לְאָבִיו בֵּן כְּסִיל וּמֶמֶר לְיוֹלַדְתּוֹ׃

26  To punish the innocent is surely not right, Or to flog the great for their uprightness.

כו  גַּם עֲנוֹשׁ לַצַּדִּיק לֹא־טוֹב לְהַכּוֹת נְדִיבִים עַל־יֹשֶׁר׃

27  A knowledgeable man is sparing with his words; A man of understanding is reticent.

כז  חוֹשֵׂךְ אֲמָרָיו יוֹדֵעַ דָּעַת וקר־[יְקַר־] רוּחַ אִישׁ תְּבוּנָה׃

28  Even a fool, if he keeps silent, is deemed wise; Intelligent, if he seals his lips.

כח  גַּם אֱוִיל מַחֲרִישׁ חָכָם יֵחָשֵׁב אֹטֵם שְׂפָתָיו נָבוֹן׃

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Proverbs 17

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