Job 8:21
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21  He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, And your lips with shouts of joy.

ad y’-ma-LAY s’-KHOK PEE-kha us-fa-TE-kha t’-ru-AH

כא  עַד־יְמַלֵּה שְׂחוֹק פִּיךָ וּשְׂפָתֶיךָ תְרוּעָה׃

8:21   He will yet fill your mouth with laughter

Bildad attempts to comfort Iyov by telling him that if he is as righteous as he claims to be, his suffering will not last long. When the suffering ends, he will feel so happy that his mouth will be filled with laughter. These words are reminiscent of the description, found in Sefer Tehillim (126:2), of the return of the exiled Jews to the Land of Israel: “Our mouths shall be filled with laughter.” It is often said that what causes someone to laugh is an unexpected ending. While he is in the midst of his suffering, it is almost impossible for Iyov to imagine relief from his misery. Similarly, the Jewish people in exile could not always envision an actual redemption. When it comes, therefore, it not only causes feelings of happiness and joy, but laughter as well.

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Job 8:21

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