Job 41:11
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11  Firebrands stream from his mouth; Fiery sparks escape.

mi-PEEV la-pee-DEEM ya-ha-LO-khu kee-DO-day AYSH yit-ma-LA-tu

יא  מִפִּיו לַפִּידִים יַהֲלֹכוּ כִּידוֹדֵי אֵשׁ יִתְמַלָּטוּ׃

41:11   Firebrands stream from his mouth

This verse recalls the description of the revelation at Mount Sinai, in which Hashem revealed Himself with fire: “All the people witnessed the thunder and lightning” (Exodus 20:15). Iyov is echoing a theme repeated in this book, by indicating that God’s glory is defined not just by the fact that He created the world and continues to rule it absolutely, but also on account of the giving of the Torah. The Jewish people worship God not just because He created the world, but because He intervened directly on their behalf by giving them the Law and because He is constantly involved in the day-to-day wellbeing of His people.

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Job 41:11

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