Job 30
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Listen to this chapter in Hebrew:

1  But now those younger than I deride me, [Men] whose fathers I would have disdained to put among my sheep dogs.

א  וְעַתָּה שָׂחֲקוּ עָלַי צְעִירִים מִמֶּנִּי לְיָמִים אֲשֶׁר־מָאַסְתִּי אֲבוֹתָם לָשִׁית עִם־כַּלְבֵי צֹאנִי׃

2  Of what use to me is the strength of their hands? All their vigor is gone.

ב  גַּם־כֹּחַ יְדֵיהֶם לָמָּה לִּי עָלֵימוֹ אָבַד כָּלַח׃

3  Wasted from want and starvation, They flee to a parched land, To the gloom of desolate wasteland.

ג  בְּחֶסֶר וּבְכָפָן גַּלְמוּד הַעֹרְקִים צִיָּה אֶמֶשׁ שׁוֹאָה וּמְשֹׁאָה׃

4  They pluck saltwort and wormwood; The roots of broom are their food.

ד  הַקֹּטְפִים מַלּוּחַ עֲלֵי־שִׂיחַ וְשֹׁרֶשׁ רְתָמִים לַחְמָם׃

5  Driven out from society, They are cried at like a thief.

ה  מִן־גֵּו יְגֹרָשׁוּ יָרִיעוּ עָלֵימוֹ כַּגַּנָּב׃

6  They live in the gullies of wadis, In holes in the ground, and in rocks,

ו  בַּעֲרוּץ נְחָלִים לִשְׁכֹּן חֹרֵי עָפָר וְכֵפִים׃

7  Braying among the bushes, Huddling among the nettles,

ז  בֵּין־שִׂיחִים יִנְהָקוּ תַּחַת חָרוּל יְסֻפָּחוּ׃

8  Scoundrels, nobodies, Stricken from the earth.

ח  בְּנֵי־נָבָל גַּם־בְּנֵי בְלִי־שֵׁם נִכְּאוּ מִן־הָאָרֶץ׃

9  Now I am the butt of their gibes; I have become a byword to them.

ט  וְעַתָּה נְגִינָתָם הָיִיתִי וָאֱהִי לָהֶם לְמִלָּה׃

10  They abhor me; they keep their distance from me; They do not withhold spittle from my face.

י  תִּעֲבוּנִי רָחֲקוּ מֶנִּי וּמִפָּנַי לֹא־חָשְׂכוּ רֹק׃

11  Because Hashem has disarmed and humbled me, They have thrown off restraint in my presence.

יא  כִּי־יתרו [יִתְרִי] פִתַּח וַיְעַנֵּנִי וְרֶסֶן מִפָּנַי שִׁלֵּחוּ׃

12  Mere striplings assail me at my right hand: They put me to flight; They build their roads for my ruin.

יב  עַל־יָמִין פִּרְחַח יָקוּמוּ רַגְלַי שִׁלֵּחוּ וַיָּסֹלּוּ עָלַי אָרְחוֹת אֵידָם׃

13  They tear up my path; They promote my fall, Although it does them no good.

יג  נָתְסוּ נְתִיבָתִי לְהַוָּתִי יֹעִילוּ לֹא עֹזֵר לָמוֹ׃

14  They come as through a wide breach; They roll in like raging billows.

יד  כְּפֶרֶץ רָחָב יֶאֱתָיוּ תַּחַת שֹׁאָה הִתְגַּלְגָּלוּ׃

15  Terror tumbles upon me; It sweeps away my honor like the wind; My dignity vanishes like a cloud.

טו  הָהְפַּךְ עָלַי בַּלָּהוֹת תִּרְדֹּף כָּרוּחַ נְדִבָתִי וּכְעָב עָבְרָה יְשֻׁעָתִי׃

16  So now my life runs out; Days of misery have taken hold of me.

טז  וְעַתָּה עָלַי תִּשְׁתַּפֵּךְ נַפְשִׁי יֹאחֲזוּנִי יְמֵי־עֹנִי׃

17  By night my bones feel gnawed; My sinews never rest.

יז  לַיְלָה עֲצָמַי נִקַּר מֵעָלָי וְעֹרְקַי לֹא יִשְׁכָּבוּן׃

18  With great effort I change clothing; The neck of my tunic fits my waist.

יח  בְּרָב־כֹּחַ יִתְחַפֵּשׂ לְבוּשִׁי כְּפִי כֻתָּנְתִּי יַאַזְרֵנִי׃

19  He regarded me as clay, I have become like dust and ashes.

ho-RA-nee la-KHO-mer va-et-ma-SHAYL ke-a-FAR va-AY-fer

יט  הֹרָנִי לַחֹמֶר וָאֶתְמַשֵּׁל כֶּעָפָר וָאֵפֶר׃

30:19   I have become like dust and ashes

Iyov expresses his modesty with the same words used by Avraham when he beseeched Hashem to save the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah: “I am but dust and ashes” (Genesis 18:27). Because of Avraham’s genuine sense of modesty, he is granted the Land of Israel as an eternal inheritance for his descendants. When they follow in the path of their father Avraham and carry themselves with humility, the Children of Israel in turn merit living peacefully in the land. However, when they are filled with pride, they stray from Hashem, follow other gods and are then punished with exile from the land. Yeshayahu declares that during the time of the ultimate redemption, arrogance and pride will be eradicated from among the Children of Israel: “Man’s haughty look shall be brought low, And the pride of mortals shall be humbled. None but Hashem shall be exalted in that day” (Isaiah 2:11).Comment

20  I cry out to You, but You do not answer me; I wait, but You do [not] consider me.

כ  אֲשַׁוַּע אֵלֶיךָ וְלֹא תַעֲנֵנִי עָמַדְתִּי וַתִּתְבֹּנֶן בִּי׃

21  You have become cruel to me; With Your powerful hand You harass me.

כא  תֵּהָפֵךְ לְאַכְזָר לִי בְּעֹצֶם יָדְךָ תִשְׂטְמֵנִי׃

22  You lift me up and mount me on the wind; You make my courage melt.

כב  תִּשָּׂאֵנִי אֶל־רוּחַ תַּרְכִּיבֵנִי וּתְמֹגְגֵנִי תשוה [תּוּשִׁיָּה׃]

23  I know You will bring me to death, The house assigned for all the living.

כג  כִּי־יָדַעְתִּי מָוֶת תְּשִׁיבֵנִי וּבֵית מוֹעֵד לְכָל־חָי׃

24  Surely He would not strike at a ruin If, in calamity, one cried out to Him.

כד  אַךְ לֹא־בְעִי יִשְׁלַח־יָד אִם־בְּפִידוֹ לָהֶן שׁוּעַ׃

25  Did I not weep for the unfortunate? Did I not grieve for the needy?

כה  אִם־לֹא בָכִיתִי לִקְשֵׁה־יוֹם עָגְמָה נַפְשִׁי לָאֶבְיוֹן׃

26  I looked forward to good fortune, but evil came; I hoped for light, but darkness came.

כו  כִּי טוֹב קִוִּיתִי וַיָּבֹא רָע וַאֲיַחֲלָה לְאוֹר וַיָּבֹא אֹפֶל׃

27  My bowels are in turmoil without respite; Days of misery confront me.

כז  מֵעַי רֻתְּחוּ וְלֹא־דָמּוּ קִדְּמֻנִי יְמֵי־עֹנִי׃

28  I walk about in sunless gloom; I rise in the assembly and cry out.

כח  קֹדֵר הִלַּכְתִּי בְּלֹא חַמָּה קַמְתִּי בַקָּהָל אֲשַׁוֵּעַ׃

29  I have become a brother to jackals, A companion to ostriches.

כט  אָח הָיִיתִי לְתַנִּים וְרֵעַ לִבְנוֹת יַעֲנָה׃

30  My skin, blackened, is peeling off me; My bones are charred by the heat.

ל  עוֹרִי שָׁחַר מֵעָלָי וְעַצְמִי־חָרָה מִנִּי־חֹרֶב׃

31  So my lyre is given over to mourning, My pipe, to accompany weepers.

לא  וַיְהִי לְאֵבֶל כִּנֹּרִי וְעֻגָבִי לְקוֹל בֹּכִים׃

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Job 30

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