Job 24:1
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1  Why are times for judgment not reserved by Shaddai? Even those close to Him cannot foresee His actions.

ma-DU-a mi-sha-DAI lo nitz-p’-NU i-TEEM v’-yo-d’-AV lo KHA-zu ya-MAV

א  מַדּוּעַ מִשַּׁדַּי לֹא־נִצְפְּנוּ עִתִּים וידעו [וְיֹדְעָיו] לֹא־חָזוּ יָמָיו׃

24:1   Even those close to Him cannot foresee His actions

A careful reading shows that Iyov is not complaining about his punishment, but about the fact that he cannot see the end of his suffering. Similarly, in Sefer Tehillim (44:24), the People of Israel complain to God about their long exile from the Land of Israel: “Rouse Yourself; why do You sleep, O Hashem? Awaken, do not reject us forever.” They cannot bear the seemingly endless exile from their homeland. It is always much easier to suffer if the end is in sight.

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Job 24:1

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