Job 18:20
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20  Generations to come will be appalled at his fate, As the previous ones are seized with horror.

al YO-mo na-SHA-mu a-kha-ro-NEEM v’-kad-mo-NEEM A-kha-zu SA-ar

כ  עַל־יוֹמוֹ נָשַׁמּוּ אַחֲרֹנִים וְקַדְמֹנִים אָחֲזוּ שָׂעַר׃

18:20   Generations to come will be appalled at his fate

In this chapter, Bildad describes the pain and misery that he believes Iyov must endure because he has sinned. He assumes that since Iyov is suffering, he must be evil, and will therefore meet the fate of an evildoer, especially since he refuses to acknowledge his sins and repent. Bildad declares that the devastation will be so overwhelming that “Generations to come will be appalled at his fate.” The idea of future generations being astonished implies complete ruin and devastation. Similarly, in response to the sins of the People of Israel, the Torah writes: “The children who succeed you, and foreigners who come from distant lands” will all be surprised by the complete ruin of the Land of Israel after its destruction (Deuteronomy 29:21). This, too, was caused by a lack of diligence in performing God’s commands, and its reversal requires complete adherence to the word of Hashem.

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Job 18:20

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