Job 10:18
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18  “Why did You let me come out of the womb? Better had I expired before any eye saw me,

v’-LA-mah may-RE-khem ho-tzay-TA-nee eg-VA v’-A-yin lo tir-AY-nee

יח  וְלָמָּה מֵרֶחֶם הֹצֵאתָנִי אֶגְוַע וְעַיִן לֹא־תִרְאֵנִי׃

 10:18   Why did You let me come out of the womb?

The Hebrew word for ‘womb,’ rekhem (רחם), shares a root with the word for ‘compassion,’ which is rakhamim (רחמים). While at first glance the connection between these two words may be unclear, upon further thought it becomes obvious. A mother has a natural love and compassion for her offspring, the fruit of her womb. Iyov wishes he had never been taken out of the womb, because he feels bereft not only of Hashem’s justice, but also of His compassion and mercy.

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Job 10:18

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