Leviticus 25:10
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10  and you shall hallow the fiftieth year. You shall proclaim release throughout the land for all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you: each of you shall return to his holding and each of you shall return to his family.

v’-ki-dash-TEM AYT sh’-NAT ha-kha-mi-SHEEM sha-NAH uk-ra-TEM d’-ROR ba-A-retz l’-khol yo-sh’-VE-ha yo-VAYL HEE tih-YEH la-KHEM v’-shav-TEM EESH el a-khu-za-TO v’-EESH el mish-pakh-TO ta-SHU-vu

י  וְקִדַּשְׁתֶּם אֵת שְׁנַת הַחֲמִשִּׁים שָׁנָה וּקְרָאתֶם דְּרוֹר בָּאָרֶץ לְכָל־יֹשְׁבֶיהָ יוֹבֵל הִוא תִּהְיֶה לָכֶם וְשַׁבְתֶּם אִישׁ אֶל־אֲחֻזָּתוֹ וְאִישׁ אֶל־מִשְׁפַּחְתּוֹ תָּשֻׁבוּ׃

 25:10   You shall proclaim release throughout the land

Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem

The Liberty Bell is an icon of American independence. Commissioned in 1751 for the Pennsylvania State House, the bell was cast with the words “proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof,” taken from this verse. Because of this inscription, it was made a symbol of freedom by the abolitionists in the 1830’s, when it was also given the name ‘Liberty Bell.’ It has remained a symbol of freedom and liberty ever since. In recognition of their shared Judeo-Christian values, the State of Israel built a replica of the Liberty Bell and placed it in the center of Jerusalem as a symbol the special bond between the two countries.

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  • Just speak the word – Herman writes of the power of of the Word of Hashem. What greater power is there that can create by word the earth and all that is in it, above and in the seas, but that of Hashem.
    As children we used to sing that saying, 'Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me' how wrong, how totally wrong – just as Hashem's word have created the worlds, our words can equally bring life or death. Words can hurt, a hurt that cannot be seen, and maybe last ones whole life. How grateful we must be that our G-d speaks truth into our lives, yes he admonishes as well when needed. But his joy is to bless us, and to speak mercy to us.

  • Here you see the power of the Word of HaShem. Once HaShem spoke and it was, in reading the litteral wording of Tenach they took it as a command for the abolition of slavery. (However did they know in the beginning whatever power these Words would have….? Maybe it could even have been at first an abuse of the Word)


Leviticus 25:10

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