Proverbs 5:18
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18  Let your fountain be blessed; Find joy in the wife of your youth—

y’-HEE m’-ko-r’-KHA va-RUKH us-MAKH may-AY-shet n’-u-RE-kha

יח  יְהִי־מְקוֹרְךָ בָרוּךְ וּשְׂמַח מֵאֵשֶׁת נְעוּרֶךָ׃

 5:18   Find joy in the wife of your youth

King Shlomo compares the wife of one’s youth to a fountain, a source of life-giving water, because she is a source of continued life through the children she bears. Water is a precious commodity in Israel, as rain falls in unpredictable and sometimes limited quantities, and only in its season. Being dependent on the Lord for rain ensures that His children must maintain a close connection with Him in the Land of Israel, and recognize the He is the true source of life and all of its blessings.

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Proverbs 5:18

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