Proverbs 4:3
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3  Once I was a son to my father, The tender darling of my mother.

kee VAYN ha-YEE-tee l’-a-VEE RAKH v’-ya-KHEED lif-NAY i-MEE

ג  כִּי־בֵן הָיִיתִי לְאָבִי רַךְ וְיָחִיד לִפְנֵי אִמִּי׃

4:3   Once I was a son to my father

Although this verse can be understood literally, it also contains a parable. The speaker represents the Nation of Israel, described in the Bible (Exodus 4:22) as Hashem’s firstborn son. It is to that chosen child that God imparts the wisdom of His Torah, just as a father imparts precious wisdom to his son (see verse 4). Like the child in this verse, the Nation of Israel received the Torah at a tender stage, shortly after being released from the bondage of Egypt.

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  • Dearest Brother in the LORD JESUS CHRIST,
    I do thank you for your daily devotional and I am very interested to learn the HEBREWS. Appreciated and may the grace of our good LORD JESUS bless you and family !. Amen.
    J.R.Mawikere – Indonesia.

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Proverbs 4:3

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