Daniel 6:11
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11  When Daniel learned that it had been put in writing, he went to his house, in whose upper chamber he had had windows made facing Yerushalayim, and three times a day he knelt down, prayed, and made confession to his God, as he had always done.

v’-da-ni-YAYL k’-DEE y’-DA dee r’-SHEEM k’-ta-VA AL l’-vai-TAY v’-kha-VEEN p’-tee-KHAN LAY b’-i-lee-TAY NE-ged y’-ru-sh’-LEM v’-zim-NEEN t’-la-TA v’-yo-MA HU ba-RAYKH al bir-KHO-hee um-tza-LAY u-mo-DAY ko-DAM e-la-HAY kol ko-VAYL dee ha-VA a-VAYD min kad-MAT d’-NAH

יא  וְדָנִיֵּאל כְּדִי יְדַע דִּי־רְשִׁים כְּתָבָא עַל לְבַיְתֵהּ וְכַוִּין פְּתִיחָן לֵהּ בְּעִלִּיתֵהּ נֶגֶד יְרוּשְׁלֶם וְזִמְנִין תְּלָתָה בְיוֹמָא הוּא בָּרֵךְ עַל־בִּרְכוֹהִי וּמְצַלֵּא וּמוֹדֵא קֳדָם אֱלָהֵהּ כָּל־קֳבֵל דִּי־הֲוָא עָבֵד מִן־קַדְמַת דְּנָה׃

 6:11   He had windows made facing Yerushalayim

Praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Even though Hashem’s Temple had been destroyed for fifty years, Daniel continues to turn in its direction when praying. Indeed, Jews throughout the ages have maintained the tradition of praying facing Yerushalayim, showing their eternal connection with their holy city. This is a fulfillment of King Shlomo’s wish when dedicating the Beit Hamikdash (I Kings 8:48-49): “They turn back to You with all their heart and soul, in the land of the enemies… and they pray to You in the direction of their land which You gave to their fathers, of the city which You have chosen, and of the House which I have built to Your name – oh, give heed in Your heavenly abode to their prayer and supplication…” The deep bond between the Jewish people and the city of Jerusalem can be found throughout Tanakh.

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  • The promise of God’s deliverance seems to be conditional…not only coming as a result of praying “toward Jerusalem” but – and, more importantly so – also as a result of “turning back to God in their hearts”! This principle is in keeping with God’s oft-stated requirement that our devotion to Him should not be merely an outward expression but one that comes from our inner being.


Daniel 6:11

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