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About the Month of Shevat

Shevat is the fifth month of the Hebrew year (or the eleventh month when counting from Nissan). Like all Hebrew months, the name Shevat is of Babylonian origin, corresponding to the constellation of the Water Bucket (Aquarius), visible in the night sky during this lunar month. Shevat usually overlaps the solar months of January and February.

Shevat, along with its original name, appears in the Book of Zechariah:

“On the twenty-fourth day of the eleventh month of the second year of Darius—the month of Shevat—this word of Hashem came to the prophet Zecharya son of Berechya son of Ido.” (Zechariah 1:7)

Tribe of Shevat

Asher Tribe Symbol

The Tribe of Asher

Asher symbolizes both prosperity and joy. He was blessed with having more than he needed and was especially rich in olive trees and oil. The joy he represents comes from the kind of happiness that one feels when they have even more than they need to survive.

Stone of the Month of Shevat


Shevat’s stone in the High Priest’s breastplate is the Tarshish (Aquamarine/Peridot)

Holidays in Shevat

Shevat 15

Tu B’Shevat

New Year of the Trees

Notable Dates in Shevat

2 Shevat

1628 BCE
Birth of Asher, son of Jacob

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