Shiloh, shi-LOH, שִׁלֹה
Shiloh_(biblical_city) (Wikipedia)
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Shiloh (biblical city) is located in the West Bank
Shiloh (biblical city)
Shown within the West Bank
LocationShilo, West Bank
RegionRamallah and al-Bireh Governorate
Coordinates32°03′20″N 35°17′22″E / 32.055556°N 35.289528°E / 32.055556; 35.289528
CulturesCanaanite, Israelite, Roman

Shiloh (/ˈʃl/; Hebrew: שִׁלוֹ ,שִׁילֹה ,שִׁלֹה, and שִׁילוֹ variably) was an ancient city in Samaria mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. It has been positively identified with modern Khirbet Seilun, a tell or archaeological mound, called in Modern Hebrew Tel Shiloh. It is located to the west of the modern town of Shilo in the West Bank, south of ancient Lebonah and 16 kilometres (10 mi) north of Beth El.

Shiloh was the major Israelite worship centre before the first Temple was built in Jerusalem.

The meaning of the word "Shiloh" is unclear. Sometimes, it is translated as a Messianic title that means He Whose It Is or as Pacific, Pacificator or Tranquility that refers to the Samaritan Pentateuch. Regardless, the name of Shiloh the town is derived from

שלה‬ (shala) and may be translated as Tranquility Town (or Fair Haven or Pleasantville).

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