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Meaning of the Name Shechem


Where is Shechem

In Northern Samaria, in the tribal portion of Ephraim, 30 miles north of Jerusalem. It sits between the mountains of Eval and Gerizim.

Where is Shechem mentioned in the Bible

Genesis 12:6-8, Genesis 33:18-20, Genesis 37:12–17, Genesis 49:22-26, Joshua 17:7, Joshua 20:7, Joshua 21:21, Joshua 24:32, Judges 8:31, Judges 9:1–45, Judges 11:19, 1 Kings 4, 1 Kings 12:1, 1 Kings 12:25, 1 Kings 14:17, 1 Chronicles 6:52, 1 Chronicles 7:28 and 2 Chronicles 10:1

What does the Bible say about Shechem? What happened in Shechem?

Shechem is the first place Abraham stopped after leaving Haran and traveling to Canaan. There, God promised Abraham that the land would be given to his descendants. Jacob purchased part of the city and later gave it as a special gift to his son Joseph. When the Children of Israel entered the Land of Israel, they buried Joseph’s bones in Shechem.


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