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The Purim Story

The Purim Story

The Purim Story




Where does The Purim Story take place?

In the Persian capital city of Shushan, known today as Susa.

When does The Purim Story take place?

During the years of 3395 – 3406 on the Hebrew calendar, generally calculated as 366 – 356 BCE.

What happened at The Purim Story?

The Purim story is found in the Biblical Book of Esther, which recounts the Jewish people’s miraculous salvation from destruction in the Persian Empire. Under the influence of his minister Haman, King Ahaseurus decreed that all Jews should be killed on one day, the 14th day of the month of Adar.

Through God’s hidden hand, Mordecai and his adopted daughter, Queen Esther, stopped Haman’s evil plot. Haman and tens of thousands of the Jews’ enemies were killed in the process.

To celebrate this victory, Jewish people celebrate the holiday of Purim every year with a festive meal, gifts, charity to the poor, and reading the Book of Esther.


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