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Meaning of the Name Gideon

Hewer (one who cuts down)

Attributes of Gideon

Bravery, obedience to God, humility

Where is Gideon in the Bible

Judges 6-8

What did Gideon do in the Bible

After God gave him his mission to wage war against Midian, Gideon bravely pulled down the idolatrous altar in his town at risk of being killed by his father and neighbors. He then asked God to validate his mission through two miracles. God also told him to run two tests on his soldiers, which reduced his 32,000 troops to only 300! Gideon led these 300 troops to total victory, even killing Midian’s generals. He ended up living to a ripe old age and had 70 sons from his wives and one son through a concubine.

What does the Bible say about Gideon


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