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Gad (Prophet)

Gad (Prophet)

Gad (Prophet)




Meaning of the Name Gad (Prophet)

‘Good fortune’

Attributes of Gad (Prophet)

Loyal, truthful

Where is Gad (Prophet) in the Bible

I Samuel 22:5; 2 Samuel 24:11–19; 1 Chronicles 22:9–19

What did Gad (Prophet) do in the Bible

Gad was a prophet who received prophecies from the Almighty and communicated them to King David. The first time Gad speaks to King David, Gad tells David to return to Judea from his exile in Moab. The second time, Gad informs David of his mistake in taking a census. David then repents. The third time, Gad tells David to build an altar at the threshing floor that would eventually become the site of the First Temple.

What does the Bible say about Gad (Prophet)


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