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Meaning of the Name Elijah

‘My God is God’

Attributes of Elijah

Attaining great spiritual heights, a sincere and meaningful relationship with God, commitment to Biblical values.

Where is Elijah in the Bible

I Kings 17:1; II Kings 2:11; Malachi 3:23; II Chronicles 21:12

What did Elijah do in the Bible

Elijah was passionate and fiercely committed to sincere worship of God. He is famous for putting the priests of the Canaanite god Baal to the test (I Kings 18), and for being taken to heaven alive in a fiery chariot (II Kings 2). According to Jewish tradition, the spirit of Elijah attends every Passover seder and appears at each ritual circumcision.

What does the Bible say about Elijah

Passionate, Faithful to God

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