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Meaning of the Name Eli


Attributes of Eli

Holiness, the ability to attain great spiritual heights, honing leadership skills through personal acts of lovingkindness.

Where is Eli in the Bible

I Samuel 1-4

What did Eli do in the Bible

In the Bible, Eli, the High Priest and judge, served at the Tabernacle in Shiloh for 40 years. He blessed Hannah that she would have a child, and she later brought her son Samuel to be Eli’s student. While Eli’s own sons did not follow in his ways, Samuel did. Eli cared deeply for the People of Israel and their spiritual connection to God. When Eli received a harsh judgment, his response was the recognition of God as the one true judge. At age 98, in reaction to the news that the Ark of God had been captured by the Philistines, Eli fell backwards out of his chair and died.

What does the Bible say about Eli

Leader, Loving, Kind

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