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Anointing of Saul

Anointing of Saul

Anointing of Saul

משיחת שאול

Meshichat Shaul

m’-shee-KHAT sha-UL

Where does Anointing of Saul take place?

Saul was anointed by Samuel outside of Ramah in the territory of Zuph. The next day, Samuel declares that he is king in the town of Mizpah in the tribal portion of Benjamin.

When does Anointing of Saul take place?

In the year 2882 in the Hebrew calendar, approximately 879 BCE.

What happened at Anointing of Saul?

Saul had decided to visit the prophet Samuel in the village of Ramah to ask about the location of his father’s lost donkey.

As it turned out, God had previously informed the prophet Samuel that Saul would be visiting that day and that he should be anointed as the king of Israel.
At an appropriate time, Samuel took a flask of oil and anointed Saul, but did not make a public announcement.

The next day, after convening a gathering of all the Tribes of Israel in the town of Mizpah, Samuel formally announced that Saul was the king of Israel.


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