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Anointing of David

Anointing of David

Anointing of David

משיחת דוד

Meshichat David

m’-shee-KHAT da-VID

Where does Anointing of David take place?

In Bet Lechem (Bethlehem), at the home of Yishai (Jesse).

When does Anointing of David take place?

It’s generally believed that David was between 10 – 20 years old when he was anointed.

What happened at Anointing of David?

God commanded the prophet Samuel to go to the house of Jesse and find a “man after his own heart” who will become the next king of Israel, a replacement for the rejected Saul.

When Samuel arrived, he asked to see Jesse’s sons. Seven sons were brought before him, but God said none of them were the chosen one. Samuel pressed Jesse to find out if there were any more sons and he revealed that there was one more. God then told him to pour oil on Jesse’s youngest son – David. After anointing David, Samuel predicted that God would always be with David and that his kingdom would endure forever.


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