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Meaning of the Name Aaron

The name Aaron derives from the Hebrew name, Aharon. There is no single understanding of the root of the name Aharon, though some suggestions include “bright” or “high.”

Attributes of Aaron

One with the Hebrew name Aharon has the capacity to act as a peacemaker and assist others to resolve arguments peacefully. He steers away from disagreement and strives to live in harmony with those around him. He has the ability to attain great spiritual heights, thus following in the footsteps of his biblical namesake.

Where is Aaron in the Bible

Exodus 4:14; Numbers 33:39

What did Aaron do in the Bible

The righteous Aharon (a-ha-RON) was Moses’ brother and the first High Priest. He was known for his love and pursuit of peace, especially brotherly love and marital harmony. He assisted Moses in redeeming the Israelites from Egypt, and became the spiritual leader of the nation.

What does the Bible say about Aaron


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