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Meaning of the Name Abigail

‘My father rejoices’

Attributes of Abigail

The capacity to achieve great spiritual heights by nurturing, supporting, and advising others and bringing them closer to God.

Where is Abigail in the Bible

I Samuel 25; I Samuel 27:3; I Samuel 30:5; II Samuel 2:2; II Samuel 3:3; I Chronicles 3:1

What did Abigail do in the Bible

Abigail was the wife of the wicked Nabal and married King David after Nabal’s death. She is described as intelligent and beautiful. She had a strong and positive influence on her husband King David, and, as a result, on the entire Jewish nation. She is also counted as one of the seven prophetesses.

What does the Bible say about Abigail

Intelligent and Beautiful

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