VIDEO: The Bible Comes to Life at Timna National Park

May 16, 2019

אִמֲרוֹת יְהֹוָה אֲמָרוֹת טְהֹרוֹת כֶּסֶף צָרוּף בַּעֲלִיל לָאָרֶץ מְזֻקָּק שִׁבְעָתָיִם׃

The words of Hashem are pure words, silver purged in an earthen crucible, refined sevenfold.

im-ROT a-do-NAI a-ma-ROT t'-ho-ROT KE-sef tza-RUF ba-a-LEEL la-A-retz m'-zu-KAK shiv-a-TA-yim

Psalms 12:7

Located 17 miles north of Eilat, Timna National Park, once an extensive network of sophisticated cooper mines, is now a major tourist attraction in Israel’s south. It was here, that copper was discovered for the first time in history! Archaeological finds from Timna Park date back thousands of years.

Check out the absolutely stunning geologic formations in Timna Park! These views will leave you breathless!

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