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Od Yishama (There Will Be Heard) by Shlomo Katz

Feb 1, 2016

כֹּ֣ה ׀ אָמַ֣ר יְהֹוָ֗ה עוֹד֮ יִשָּׁמַ֣ע בַּמָּקוֹם־הַזֶּה֒ אֲשֶׁר֙ אַתֶּ֣ם אֹֽמְרִ֔ים חָרֵ֣ב ה֔וּא מֵאֵ֥ין אָדָ֖ם וּמֵאֵ֣ין בְּהֵמָ֑ה בְּעָרֵ֤י יְהוּדָה֙ וּבְחֻצ֣וֹת יְרוּשָׁלַ֔͏ִם הַֽנְשַׁמּ֗וֹת מֵאֵ֥ין אָדָ֛ם וּמֵאֵ֥ין יוֹשֵׁ֖ב וּמֵאֵ֥ין בְּהֵמָֽה׃

Thus said Hashem: Again there shall be heard in this place, which you say is ruined, without man or beast—in the towns of Yehuda and the streets of Yerushalayim that are desolate, without man, without inhabitants, without beast—

KO a-MAR a-do-NAI OD yi-SHA-ma BA-ma-KOM-ha-ZEH, a-SHER a-TEM o-M'-REEM kha-REV HU me-EYN a-DAM u-me-EYN b'-HE-ma, b'-a-REY y'-hu-DAH u-v'-khu-TZOT y'-ru-sha-LA-im, ha-N'-sha-MOT me-EYN a-DAM u-me-EYN yo-SHEV u-me-EYN b'-HE-ma.

Jeremiah 33:10

ק֣וֹל שָׂשׂ֞וֹן וְק֣וֹל שִׂמְחָ֗ה ק֣וֹל חָתָן֮ וְק֣וֹל כַּלָּה֒ ק֣וֹל אֹמְרִ֡ים הוֹדוּ֩ אֶת־יְהֹוָ֨ה צְבָא֜וֹת כִּי־ט֤וֹב יְהֹוָה֙ כִּֽי־לְעוֹלָ֣ם חַסְדּ֔וֹ מְבִאִ֥ים תּוֹדָ֖ה בֵּ֣ית יְהֹוָ֑ה כִּֽי־אָשִׁ֧יב אֶת־שְׁבוּת־הָאָ֛רֶץ כְּבָרִאשֹׁנָ֖ה אָמַ֥ר יְהֹוָֽה׃

the sound of mirth and gladness, the voice of bridegroom and bride, the voice of those who cry, “Give thanks to the lord of Hosts, for Hashem is good, for His kindness is everlasting!” as they bring thanksgiving offerings to the House of Hashem. For I will restore the fortunes of the land as of old—said Hashem.

KOL sa-SON v'-KOL sim-KHAH KOL kha-TAN v'-KOL ka-LAH KOL o-m'-REEM ho-DU et a-do-NAI tz'-va-OT kee TOV a-do-NAI kee l'-o-LAM khas-DO m'-vee-EEM to-DAH BAYT a-do-NAI kee a-SHEEV et sh'-vut ha-A-retz k'-va-ree-sho-NAH a-MAR a-do-NAI

Jeremiah 33:11

Sing along in Hebrew to “Od Yishama” performed by Shlomo Katz. The lyrics are taken from Jeremiah 33:10,11.

Thus said the Lord: Yet again there shall be heard in this place, about which you say, ‘It is destroyed, without man and without beast, even in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem, that are desolate, without man and without inhabitant and without beast, the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the voice of them that say: ‘Give thanks to the LORD of hosts, for the LORD is good, for His mercy endures forever’.
Jeremiah 33:10,11

Od yishama be’arei Yehudah u’vechutzot Yerushalayim
(It will yet be heard in the cities of Judea and the parts of Jerusalem)

Kol sason vekol simchah, kol chatan vekol kalah.
(Sound of joy and sound of gladness, voice of groom and bride)

Related Names and Places: Jerusalem

Relate Bible Verses: Chapter 33

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