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About the Month of Elul

Elul is the twelfth month of the Hebrew year (or the sixth month when counting from Nissan). Like all Hebrew months, the name Elul is of Babylonian origin, corresponding to the constellation of the Virgin (Virgo), visible in the night sky during this lunar month. Elul usually overlaps the solar months of August and September.

The month of Elul mentioned in the Bible both as “the sixth month” and “Elul”:

“In the sixth year, on the fifth day of the sixth month, I was sitting at home, and the elders of Yehuda were sitting before me, and there the hand of Hashem fell upon me.” (Ezekiel 8:1)

“The wall was finished on the twenty-fifth of Elul, after fifty-two days.” (Nehemiah 6:15)

Tribe of Elul

Gad Tribe Symbol

The Tribe of Gad

Gad was a warrior, known for his military spirit. Though his tribe settled on the east side of the Jordan River, he, along with the tribe of Reuben and half of Menasseh, helped fight and conquer the Land of Israel before settling into their own territory. Thus we see that while they were strong and mighty, they also had a deep sense of brotherhood.

Stone of the Month of Elul


Elul’s stone in the High Priest’s breastplate is the Achlahamah (Amethyst)

Holidays in Elul

Notable Dates in Elul

3 Elul

1935 CE
The death of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the first Chief Rabbi of the Land of Israel under the British Mandate.

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