Amos, a-MOS, עָמוֹס
Amos_(prophet) (Wikipedia)
This article is about Amos, a minor prophet in the Hebrew Bible and Christian Bible. For the father of Isaiah, a prophet in the Hebrew Bible, see Amoz.
Russian icon of the prophet Amos
An 18th-century Russian icon of the prophet Amos (Iconostasis of Transfiguration Church, Kizhi monastery, Karelia, Russia).
Born Tekoa
Died 745 B.C.E.
Venerated in Judaism
Islam[citation needed]
Feast June 15 (Orthodox)
Major works Book of Amos

Amos (/ˈməs/; Hebrew: עָמוֹס , Modern Amos, Tiberian ʻāmōs) was one of the Twelve Minor Prophets. An older contemporary of Hosea and Isaiah, Amos was active c. 760-755 BC during the reign of Jeroboam II, (786–746 BC). He was from the southern Kingdom of Judah but preached in the northern Kingdom of Israel. Amos wrote at a time of relative peace and prosperity but also of neglect of YHWH's laws. He spoke against an increased disparity between the very wealthy and the very poor. His major themes of social justice, God's omnipotence, and divine judgment became staples of prophecy. The Book of Amos is attributed to him.

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