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Meaning of the Name Balak

The exact meaning of the name Balak is unknown, but is believed to be connected to the Hebrew word ‘bolek’ meaning ‘to lay waste’ (see Isaiah 24:1).

Attributes of Balak

Evil, strong, intelligent, immoral, impure.

Where is Balak in the Bible

Numbers 22–24; Judges 11:25; Micah 6:5

What did Balak do in the Bible

Balak was a great warrior, king, and expert magician. He felt threatened by the Children of Israel and hired Bilaam (Baalam in English) to curse them. Thankfully, that plan failed. In response, Balak executed another plan, managing to ensnare the Children of Israel through immorality and idolatry. To this day, Balak is considered one of the great enemies of the People of Israel.

What does the Bible say about Balak

Great warrior

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