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Ten Plagues

Ten Plagues

Ten Plagues

עשר מכות

Eser Makot

E-ser ma-KOT

Where does Ten Plagues take place?

In the Kingdom of Egypt.

When does Ten Plagues take place?

During the last 12 months before the Exodus from Egypt.

What happened at Ten Plagues?

The Ten Plagues were inflicted by God on Egypt as punishment for their enslavement of the Israelites. The plagues are recorded in the Book of Exodus and include:

Water turned to blood
Lice or gnats
Wild animals or flies
Livestock disease
Death of the firstborn

The final plague was particularly devastating, as it resulted in the death of every firstborn male in Egypt, including Pharaoh’s own son. This led Pharaoh to finally release the Israelites from slavery and allow them to leave Egypt under Moses’ leadership.

The Ten Plagues demonstrated God’s power over nature and the fulfillment of His promise to redeem His people. They remain an important part of Jewish tradition, commemorated during Passover (Pesach) each year as a reminder of God’s deliverance of the Israelites from bondage in Egypt.


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