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Meaning of the Name Shem


Attributes of Shem

Righteous, holy, respect for his father

Where is Shem in the Bible

Genesis 5:32, 6:10; 7:13; 9:18, 23-27; 10; 11:10. Genesis 14:18

What did Shem do in the Bible

Shem was born when his father, Noah, was 500 years old. (Genesis 5:32) Shem went into the ark with his parents, brothers, and wife before the Flood. (Genesis 7:13) Shem covered his father Noah after he fell asleep unclothed. His father blesses him as a result. (Genesis 9:23-27) Shem’s descendants are listed in Genesis. (Genesis 10:21-32) Shem was 100 years old when his son, Arpachshad, was born. Shem lived for 600 years. (Genesis 11:10) According to the sages, Shem was the same person as Melchizedek, the King of Shalem, who greeted his great-great-great grandson Abraham. (Genesis 14:18-20) During her pregnancy, Rebecca went to “inquire of Hashem.” Tradition states that Rebecca went to the prophets Shem and his grandson Eber. (25:22-24)

What does the Bible say about Shem


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