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Meaning of the Name Joshua

God is deliverance

Attributes of Joshua

Loyalty, bravery, strength, studiousness, responsibility

Where is Joshua in the Bible

Exodus 17:8 – Deuteronomy 34:9, The Book of Joshua

What did Joshua do in the Bible

Joshua was Moses’ loyal assistant. He was entrusted to lead the Children of Israel in a successful war against the tribe of Amalek. Moses changed his name from Hosea to Joshua before he set out on the mission of the spies in order to infuse him with extra spiritual power. Joshua ultimately led the Children of Israel in the conquering of the Land of Israel from the Canaanite tribes. He also supervised the apportioning of the Land of Israel to the 12 Tribes. He married Rahab after she converted.

What does the Bible say about Joshua

Loyal, Brave

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