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Meaning of the Name Jacob

Jacob comes from the Hebrew word for “heel,” named because he was holding onto Esau’s heel as they were being born.

Attributes of Jacob

Honesty, integrity, balance

Where is Jacob in the Bible

Genesis 25:21 – Genesis 50:13

What did Jacob do in the Bible

As the father of the twelve tribes, Jacob began the transformation of the Jewish people into a nation. The Book of Genesis reports of Jacob’s challenging encounters throughout his lifetime, which serve as lasting examples of faith despite struggle. Jacob bought the birthright from his brother Esau and tricked Isaac into giving him Esau’s blessings. He spent many years living in Haran where he ran to escape the wrath of Esau. Jacob was chosen over his brother Esau to be the spiritual heir of Isaac and Abraham, making him the third and final Patriarch of the Jewish people. God changed his name from Jacob to Israel.

What does the Bible say about Jacob

Honest, Faithful

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