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Golden Calf

Golden Calf

Golden Calf

עֵגֶל הַזָּהָב

Eigel HaZahav

AY-gel ha-za-HAV

Where does Golden Calf take place?

At the foot of Mount Sinai in the Sinai Desert in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

When does Golden Calf take place?

On the 16th and 17th days of the Hebrew month of Tammuz in the year 2448 on the Hebrew calendar, generally calculated as 1313 BCE.

What happened at Golden Calf?

While Moses was receiving the Torah from God on Mount Sinai, the mixed multitude of Egyptians who left Egypt with the Israelites became impatient.

They forced Aaron to make a Golden Calf as an idol to worship. Aaron tried hard to delay the mixed multitude but was not successful.

When the calf was complete, the mixed mulitude began to worship it. Some of the spiritually weaker Israelites joined the mixed multitude in this sin.

As these events were unfolding, God informed Moses what was happening down in the camp, and told him to descend from the mountain. When Moses descended, he stopped the “celebration” and punished the evildoers.

Moses then asked God to pardon Aaron and the rest of the Israelite nation, and his request was granted.


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