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Meaning of the Name Amos

The name Amos means “weighted,” “heavy,” or “carried.”

Attributes of Amos

The capacity to lead others, a champion for Biblical values based on social justice and human rights.

Where is Amos in the Bible

The Book of Amos

What did Amos do in the Bible

Amos prophesied in the same time period as Isaiah, Hosea, and Micah. When the people of the Northern Kingdom had lost their core social values, Amos reminded them to care for the poor and needy, women, and orphans, before the day when the Lord would come and judge them for their iniquities. Though Amos was wealthy, he was especially sympathetic to the plight of the working-class farmers who found themselves paying full tribute to the ruling functionaries in the capital and to the shrine at the Samarian city of Bethel, even when suffering from drought, plague and famine. They were compelled to take out heavy loans to continue farming, and their clothes and their children were taken as pledges to secure their debts.

What does the Bible say about Amos

Sympathetic, Leader

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