VIDEO: The Torah is For All Humanity: The Purpose of the Noahide Laws

May 15, 2019

וַיַּשְׁמֵד יֵהוּא אֶת־הַבַּעַל מִיִּשְׂרָאֵל׃

Thus Yehu eradicated the Baal from Yisrael.

2 Kings 10:28

While Hashem requires only the Jewish people to keep the Torah’s many commandments, there are seven laws that, according to Jewish tradition, are universal and incumbent upon all of mankind. These seven “Noahide laws” ensure that society functions with a basic level of morality and religious values.
Watch the video below to gain a deeper understanding of the Noahide laws, and why they are meant to be observed by all of humanity.


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