Shir Hamalot (Song of Ascents) by Shai Abramson

Psalms 126:1

Sing along in Hebrew to “Shir Hamalot” performed by Shai Abramson. The lyrics are taken from Psalm 126.

Sheer ha’ma’a’lot b’shoov adonai
A song of ascents. When the Lord returns

Et sheevat tzee-on ha-yeenoo kekholmeem
the returnees to Zion, we shall be like dreamers

Ahz yee’maleh skhok peenoo oo’lshonaynoo reena
Then our mouths will be filled with laughter and our tongues with songs of praise;

ahz yom’-roo vagoyeem
then they will say among the nations

heeg-deel adonai la’asot eem eleh
The Lord has done great things with these.

heeg-deel adonai l’a’sot eemanoo ha-yeenoo semekheem
The Lord has done great things with us; we were happy.

shoovah adonai et she’vee-tay-noo, ka’afee-keem ba-negev
Return, O Lord, our captivity like rivulets in arid land

hazoreem b’deemah, b’reena yeeks-oroo
those who sow with tears will reap with song

halokh yelekh oo’vakhoh
he will go along weeping

noseh meshekh ha’zarah
carrying the valuable seeds

bo yavo v’reena noseh aloo-mo-tav
he will come back with song, carrying his sheaves


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  • There are two pictures that speak so strongly to me, one is of a young soldier, standing in a tank, with his arms outstretched almost entreating HaShem for his safety and victory. The other of a young soldier standing outside the tank, and he is reading, I think either his prayers or the Torah. How can Israel lose this battle with young men, and women, who put their trust in HaShem.

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