Return of the Exiles


As was the case with Russia and Poland, many Jews from Ukraine moved to Israel in the early twentieth century due to frequent pogroms and wars that plagued the community. At that time, America was a far more attractive destination with greater economic opportunity, but many religious and Zionistic Jews followed their hearts to the Land of Israel.

Once the Communists took over Ukraine, Jewish life was suppressed for over sixty years. Huge numbers of Jews fled the USSR’s when the Iron Curtain fell in 1991.

Since then, there has been a consistent Aliyah from Ukraine, with notable spikes. The first spike was during the 2014 war with Russia. That year almost 6,000 Ukranians moved to Israel.

Since the February 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the State of Israel has absorbed about 24,000 Ukrainian refugees. Most of the Jews who returned to the Land were women and children, since men were prohibited from leaving Ukraine.

The future of Ukrainian Jewish Aliyah to Israel is still up in the air.

Israel365 had the merit to be actively involved in saving Ukranian Jews during the war, and continues to financially support Ukrainian refugees here in Israel.

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