Y’varechecha Hashem (May God Bless You) by the Hava Nagillah Band

Psalms 128:5-6

Sing along in Hebrew to “Y’varechecha Hashem” performed by the Hava Nagillah Band. The lyrics are taken from Psalm 128: 5-6. The video Features photographs of the Blessings of Jerusalem.

y’-va-re-kh’-kha Hashem mi-tzee-on
May the Lord bless you from Zion

u-reh b’-tuv y’-ru-sha-la-yeem
and see the good of Jerusalem

y’-va-re-kh’-kha Hashem mi-tzee-on
May the Lord bless you from Zion

kol y’-may y’-may kha-yey-kha
all the days of your life

u-ray ba-neem l’-va-ney-kha
And may you see children born to your children

sha-lom al yis’-ra-el
peace upon Israel

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  • A bright and cheerful song, great beat, good to sing along on a cold morning, but more importantly, it shows another side of Jewish music. There is an excellent range of styles, beats, temp and voice in the whole range we can choose from. We will all have our favourites I'm sure.

  • The pictures of Y'rushalyem bring back so many happy memories of my trip there in 2010. Can't wait to come back!

  • It's beautiful to hear the psalms sung – which was the way they were intended to be heard of course. Wonderful. ברכות

  • I’m having a hard time with the sound of . It’s really not natural for me to make a sound like this. This song helps a bit, but it’s still a bit too fast for me.

    • My previous post left out the word “chet” because I put it in brackets. Hmm….

  • I love this Psalm, I love the song and the instruments, thanks again.

  • Another great song from the Psalms! I had a little more trouble with the Hebrew here with the faster tempo. This will take me a few more tries to get the words in the song, but what a fun way to practice.

  • Very nice and inspirational! I must admit that I am still only now learning about Israel in depth and was surprised to see windmills! Much similarities between Israel and America for sure…..mike

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