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Meaning of the Name Zedekiah

‘God is my righteousness’

Attributes of Zedekiah

Foolish, rebellious, repentant.

Where is Zedekiah in the Bible

II Kings 24:17-20, II Kings 25:1-7, Jeremiah 32:4–5, Jeremiah 34, Jeremiah 39:1–7, Jeremiah 52:1–11, Ezekiel 12:13, II Chronicles 36:10-12

What did Zedekiah do in the Bible

Zedekiah was the 20th and last king of the Kingdom of Judah. Until he was crowned king at age 21, his name was Mattaniah. He was the third son of King Josiah. He was famous for angrily burning the scroll of Jeremiah, which foretold the destruction of the kingdom and the Temple. During the siege on Jerusalem he was captured by the Babylonians while trying to escape. His children were killed in front of his eyes, and then he was blinded. He was exiled to Babylon, where he eventually died in prison.

What does the Bible say about Zedekiah


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