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Meaning of the Name Rachel

A female sheep, or ewe.

Attributes of Rachel

Kindness, wisdom, generosity, Strong-willed, Deep love for family

Where is Rachel in the Bible

Genesis 29:6 – Genesis 35:20

What did Rachel do in the Bible

Rachel was a shepherdess for her father, the dishonest Laban. Jacob worked for seven years to marry her, but was tricked into marrying Leah instead. He then worked an extra seven years after marrying Rachel. Rachel was the beloved wife of Jacob but remained barren for a long time. She finally gave birth to Joseph, but died while giving birth to her second son Benjamin. She was buried “on the road to Ephrath – now Bethlehem” (Genesis 35:16-19). According to Jewish tradition, Rachel was buried on the road that the Jewish exiles were to take on their way into exile so that she could cry and pray on their behalf. Jeremiah addressed the weeping Rachel, telling her there is no need to cry and promising her that her children will indeed return to their land (Jeremiah 31:16).

What does the Bible say about Rachel

Kind, Loving

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