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Meaning of the Name Nathan

“Given” or “Gifted”

Attributes of Nathan

Loyalty, honesty, dedication, healthy fear of God.

Where is Nathan in the Bible

2 Samuel 7:2–17, 12:1–25, 1 Kings 1:8–45, 1 Chronicles 17:1. Also, Nathan wrote histories of the reigns of both David (1 Chronicles 29:29) and Solomon (2 Chronicles 9:29), and was involved in the music of the Temple (see 2 Chronicles 29:25).

What did Nathan do in the Bible

Nathan was King David’s loyal prophet and was never afraid to tell David how to fix his mistakes. Nathan initially told King David that he could build the First Temple, but had to take it back after God appeared to him in a dream and explained that David was not the right person to build the Temple. Natan also admonished David for how he handled the situation with Batsheva and Uriah. Also, Nathan informed David of Adonijah’s attempt to become king, and he later anointed King Solomon.

What does the Bible say about Nathan


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