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Meaning of the Name Miriam

‘Bitter sea’, related to the experience of slavery in Egypt.

Attributes of Miriam

Bravery, leadership, modesty, achieving great spiritual heights, closeness to God, positive determination.

Where is Miriam in the Bible

Exodus 2:4; Numbers 20:1

What did Miriam do in the Bible

Miriam stood on the side to watch after her baby brother Moses was put in a basket and placed in the River Nile (Exodus 2:4), and she led the women in song and dance after the splitting of the Reed Sea (Exodus 15:20-21). The miraculous well that provided the Israelites with water during their forty year sojourn in the desert was provided in Miriam’s merit. According to the sages, Miriam was the midwife Puah who disobeyed Pharaoh’s command to kill the Jewish male babies as they were born.

What does the Bible say about Miriam


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