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Manasseh (son of Joseph)

Manasseh (son of Joseph)

Manasseh (son of Joseph)




Meaning of the Name Manasseh (son of Joseph)

‘He who causes to forget’

Attributes of Manasseh (son of Joseph)

Humility, capability, administrative skills

Where is Manasseh (son of Joseph) in the Bible

Genesis 41:50-51; Genesis 46:20; Genesis 48:5; Genesis 48:20

What did Manasseh (son of Joseph) do in the Bible

Menasseh was Joseph’s firstborn son who assisted his father in running Egypt. His younger brother Ephraim received “his” firstborn blessing from their grandfather Jacob. Because of Menasseh’s great humility, this did not bother him at all. He was given tribal status, and his tribe later settled in the Samaria region of the Land of Israel as well as the Bashan (the modern-day Golan and parts of north-western Jordan). The other famous Manasseh in the Bible is the evil King Manasseh (son of Hezekiah) from Judea.

What does the Bible say about Manasseh (son of Joseph)


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