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Jordan River

Jordan River

Jordan River

נְהַר הַיַּרְדֵּן

Nehar Yarden

neh-HAHR yahr-DEHN

Meaning of the Name Jordan River

“Descender,” referring to the Jordan River descending from a high point in the Upper Galilee to the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea.

Where is Jordan River

The Jordan River flows from the Upper Galilee down to the Dead Sea, through the great African rift valley in Israel. It is the eastern border of the Biblical borders of the Land of Israel.

What does the Bible say about Jordan River? What happened in Jordan River?

The Israelites crossed the Jordan River to conquer Jericho after spending 40 years in the desert. Judges Jephthah and Gideon both engaged in wars at the Jordan River. King Solomon located his brassworks along the River, which was a wooded area. Later, Elijah ascended in the presence of Elisha near the Jordan River.


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