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Meaning of the Name Ezekiel

‘God strengthens’

Attributes of Ezekiel

The ability to create a deep, spiritual connection with God. An optimistic nature and faith in God to navigate even the most difficult situations.

Where is Ezekiel in the Bible

See the Book of Ezekiel

What did Ezekiel do in the Bible

Ezekiel was a great prophet of Israel who bore the burden of warning the nation of the impending destruction of the First Temple. Ezekiel had been exiled to Babylonia and his messages were intended mainly for the Jews already in exile who watched from afar as their Temple and homeland in Judah were destroyed. In addition to his prophecies of rebuke, one of Ezekiel’s central roles was to offer strength to the people who had been torn from the Holy Land. His prophecies ultimately foretold of God’s promises for redemption, great blessings and the building of a new Temple. He also had the famous Vision of the Chariot.

What does the Bible say about Ezekiel

Great prophet of Israel

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