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Meaning of the Name David

‘David’ comes from the Hebrew word which means ‘beloved.’ (See Song of Songs 6:3)

Attributes of David

Leadership, wisdom, creativity, courage, justice

Where is David in the Bible

I Samuel 16:12; II Samuel 23:7; I Kings 2:1-9

What did David do in the Bible

David is the great king of Israel who mastered a wide variety of spiritual and physical achievements. He was a musician and a poet and authored the Psalms, but was also a soldier and great warrior who defended and strengthened the People of Israel. For his singular contributions, David was rewarded with the promise of righteous offspring, including the Messiah. He is also famous for slaying Goliath and moving the capital of the kingdom of Israel from Hebron to Jerusalem.

What does the Bible say about David

Great king of Israel

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