Listen To This Inspiring Song From Psalms By Rabbi Akiva Gersh

Psalm 118

Enjoy this original song from one of our online Bible teachers, Rabbi Akiva Gersh, using words from Psalms 118:
Sing along!
“Pitchu li sha’arei tzedek, avo vam odeh Yah.
Zeh ha’sha’ar la’Hashem, tzaddikim yavo’oo vo.
Odichah ki anitani, va’tihi li li’yoshua.
Even ma’a’soo ha’bonim, haytah l’rosh pina.
Mei’eit Hashem hayta zote, hee niflat b’eineinu.
Zeh ha’yom asah Hashem, nagilah v’nis’michah vo.”

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  • Sheila Bethel

    It was great, thank God for his mercy and the word to be
    sung as worship was beautiful!

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