Jacob’s Burial

Genesis 50:1-14

Joseph weeps at Jacob’s passing, and orders his father’s body to be embalmed, a process which the Torah says takes forty days. He then asks Pharaoh’s leave to bury his father in Israel, as he had promised, and Pharaoh agrees.

Joseph’s brothers attended the burial, along with Pharaoh’s servants and the elders of Egypt. So impressive was the Egyptian entourage, in fact, that the local Canaanites renamed the site
Avel Mitzrayim, which means ‘Egypt’s mourning’. Jacob was buried, as requested, in the Cave of Machpelah, accompanied by a great eulogy and a seven-day mourning period., a custom still practiced by Jews today.


Virtual Classroom Discussion

Why do you think the Egyptians attended Jacob’s funeral in Israel?

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  • 🙂 I agree with you all. Herman, I think your reason D should read: 'To make known the power of Egypt in the midst of the famine that had struck the whole world.'

  • There might be 4 reasons for the the Egyptian Entourage:
    A. they want to honor the father of their viceroy.
    B. Of course their viceroy must be guarded so that nothing would harm him
    C. To impress the neighboring countries of the land around the cave
    D. To make known the power of Egypt after the famine.

  • To honor Joseph as ruler of egypt.

  • Mitzrayim owed an incredible debt to Yosef for the plan that he carried out to save them from the famine. When Ya'acov came, he was treated with great honor and respect by the Pharaoh, himself.
    When we're looking backwards at history to this time, we're seeing past the slavery of the Hebrews and I think that this mars our viewpoint of seeing what life in Mitzrayim was like for the Hebrews in the life and times of Yosef and Ya'acov. When the Pharaoh gave them everything they needed and treated them with honor and respect, this would have been reflected throughout their society.
    It wasn't until a Pharaoh arose that didn't know Yosef and Ya'acov and cared not for "his history lessons", that the Hebrews descended into the position of being hated, feared and forced into slavery. That took well over 100 years if my understanding of the timing is correct.
    It makes perfect sense for the Egyptians to honor Ya'acov and even Yosef and his brothers when they died.
    Baruch Hashem.

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