The Portion of Vayakhel

Exodus 35:1-38:20

Our portion deals with the fulfillment of the instructions from the last three portions. In it, Moses collects donations from the Children of Israel and with those contributions, the Tabernacle parts are constructed and the structure is ultimately assembled. The reading ends with God descending in all His glory upon the completed Tabernacle.

On years when the portions are read separately, Vayakhel ends with verse 38:20 and contains a description of building the Tabernacle’s constituent parts. Pekudei, beginning 38:21, describes the preparation of the Priests’ clothing, the assembly of the Tabernacle and the manifestation of God’s glory.



Topic 1: Making Preparations

This section begins with a repetition of the commandment to observe the Sabbath day on the seventh day of each week. It continues with Moses instructing the people to donate any materials they may have, which would be suitable for constructing the Tabernacle in accordance with the instructions he had received from God. As the Israel… Read More »



Topic 2: Building the Tabernacle

This very lengthy passage reiterates much of what was written in the previous three Torah portions. The order, however, is different. Whereas Moses was first instructed regarding the inner vessels of the Tabernacle, then its outer structure, then the outer vessels, here we see that Bezalel and his team first constructed the parts for the Tabernacle’s… Read More »
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